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What if you left? What if you actually listened to that nagging voice in your head? What if you finally watered that seed in your belly and let it bloom in your mouth? What if you told the truth? 

I graduated for the University of Alberta in 2008 with a B.Sc in Civil Engineering. I still remember my father’s face. That kind of pride is addictive. When my family immigrated to Canada in 1998, I was a 13 year old girl who didn’t yet understand what it meant to straddle two worlds. It would take me years to figure out how to be many things to many people at the same time. At my best I am still a work in progress. What I did understand was the weight of sacrifice. I still remembered the 6 of us, the 11 suitcases and the cross-continental journey that brought me here. I still remembered what it meant to leave everything behind and take only what mattered most. Read the rest of this entry »


Moving Mountains

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I hiked up table mountain.

Just so you can grasp exactly what that means please go to here.  Yes. I did that.

I’ve never been the kind of person who has the thought to hike up a mountain. Going up the stairs is challenge enough sometimes…but I was also not the kind of person to leave my friends and family behind and move to a place I’d never been before. I did that too.

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My sister and brother-in-law arrived in Cape Town last week.

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On my way back to Cape Town from Lagos I made a quick stop in Johannesburg to visit a dear friend from the program.

I wanted to see something outside of Cape Town so that I could begin to understand how things truly are. Johannesburg has a different vibe…seems more alive somehow. For the Canadians following, Cape Town is sort of like Vancouver while Johannesburg is like Toronto.

I spent a few days visiting with my friend and her family. They recently buried a beloved member of their family so emotions were still raw. But true to the spirit of family they banded together to provide support for each other. I had the honour of attending their Sunday afternoon lunch where each sibling brought a delicious dish with them. Their food is as rich in culture as they are and needless to say all table manners went out the window when I saw a large pot of crab curry. Six beautiful girls and one boy, and a mother who holds it all together.

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Life happens…

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I’ve been gone for too long.

I have reasons though. This life thing, it waits for no one. I’ve been all over the place the last little while. Still not coming to terms with the fact that this new found freedom will soon be over.

My last living grandparent passed away a few weeks ago. My father’s mother, 92 years old. I made an impromptu trip back to Lagos to be there with my family for the celebration of her long and fruitful life. It was also a chance for me to reconnect with and meet my extended family. Things just seem to always work out one way or another.

It was a great to see my cousins, all the aunties and uncles that knew me when I was just a snot nosed kid running barefoot around the house. Looking at the vast loving network my grandmother was created was a profound lesson in living a good life. People came from far and wide to pay their respects.

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It was my birthday on the 15th! I’m 26 now, no longer in my “early twenties” I’m ok with it though. I don’t think I’ll ever be the sort of person to lie about my age. Don’t quote me

I am so grateful to have been blessed with yet another year of life and love. When I thought about spending my birthday so far away from my friends and family, I literally imagined myself roaming the streets of Cape Town like a homeless woman with a half eaten birthday cake. I have an active imagination.

It was nothing like that. I really don’t want to romanticize my time here in Cape Town but I must say that true to form, I seem to connect with the most amazing people in the most random ways.

The place our sessions were is a building called the Pan African Market, I spent basically everyday of the week there. I noticed there was this one girl that I’d always see in the office next door. She walked past me one day, and before I could process any kind of polite greeting, I blurted out “what do you do here?” needless to say, she looked at me like I was a little crazy.
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District 6

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I’ve had an overwhelming amount of photos to sort through…and what do I do when I’m overwhelmed? Nothing. Hence the lack of posts. I’m sorry. Still love you though.

So I went on a half day tour of several exhibits and museums in Cape Town. There is so much to see here it’s shocking. Everything and every place has a story, I can’t do any of it justice here I’m sure.

One of the places that struck me most was the District 6 Museum. District 6 is the name of a former area in Cape Town where over 60,000 of its inhabitants where forcefully removed from their homes.

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Khululekani Emakhaya

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Two weeks ago we went to watch a play called Khululekani Emakhaya.

It was put on by a group of young women at the University of the Western Cape. A series of monologues from each of the women, woven around the theme of “home”. We had the opportunity to sit in on their rehearsal and then to watch them perform the work after.

I can’t think of a clear enough way to describe how incredibly moving and humbling the experience was.
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1 month

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I’ve been away from home for exactly 1 month today.

As much as I have fallen in love with this place. I miss home. My sister’s birthday was yesterday. My nephew is about 30 seconds away from standing up and walking. There will soon be another special little person in our lives. My birthday is coming up soon and I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that i’ll be celebrating it without my family. By celebrating I mean crying into a birthday cake, alone…in my bed. I’m allowing myself this one post to feel sorry for myself. If you could see out my window right now you would slap me for being so silly…but honestly. I miss home. Okthnxbai.

Happy Birthday Kemi!

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing sister Kemi, I miss you dawg. *thug tears*

I dont remember
The earliest days
of my childhood
I don’t remember the warmth
of my mothers womb
or the chill of the floor
against my toes
the day my feet first found
balance in this world

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