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It was my birthday on the 15th! I’m 26 now, no longer in my “early twenties” I’m ok with it though. I don’t think I’ll ever be the sort of person to lie about my age. Don’t quote me

I am so grateful to have been blessed with yet another year of life and love. When I thought about spending my birthday so far away from my friends and family, I literally imagined myself roaming the streets of Cape Town like a homeless woman with a half eaten birthday cake. I have an active imagination.

It was nothing like that. I really don’t want to romanticize my time here in Cape Town but I must say that true to form, I seem to connect with the most amazing people in the most random ways.

The place our sessions were is a building called the Pan African Market, I spent basically everyday of the week there. I noticed there was this one girl that I’d always see in the office next door. She walked past me one day, and before I could process any kind of polite greeting, I blurted out “what do you do here?” needless to say, she looked at me like I was a little crazy.
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District 6

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I’ve had an overwhelming amount of photos to sort through…and what do I do when I’m overwhelmed? Nothing. Hence the lack of posts. I’m sorry. Still love you though.

So I went on a half day tour of several exhibits and museums in Cape Town. There is so much to see here it’s shocking. Everything and every place has a story, I can’t do any of it justice here I’m sure.

One of the places that struck me most was the District 6 Museum. District 6 is the name of a former area in Cape Town where over 60,000 of its inhabitants where forcefully removed from their homes.

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Khululekani Emakhaya

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Two weeks ago we went to watch a play called Khululekani Emakhaya.

It was put on by a group of young women at the University of the Western Cape. A series of monologues from each of the women, woven around the theme of “home”. We had the opportunity to sit in on their rehearsal and then to watch them perform the work after.

I can’t think of a clear enough way to describe how incredibly moving and humbling the experience was.
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