1 month

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2011 at 12:56 pm

I’ve been away from home for exactly 1 month today.

As much as I have fallen in love with this place. I miss home. My sister’s birthday was yesterday. My nephew is about 30 seconds away from standing up and walking. There will soon be another special little person in our lives. My birthday is coming up soon and I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that i’ll be celebrating it without my family. By celebrating I mean crying into a birthday cake, alone…in my bed. I’m allowing myself this one post to feel sorry for myself. If you could see out my window right now you would slap me for being so silly…but honestly. I miss home. Okthnxbai.

  1. Aunty Titi I miss you too!! You need to come back and babysit me so I can give you a run for your money. I crawl now, I can also stand and climb over things so you can’t hold me down no more!! I also have four teeth now with a fifth on its way. Thanks for being so good to me when my first two came out and I was in so much pain. I’ll be singing happy birthday to you on August 15th!!! Love you. MUAH 🙂

    • Wow dara! you know how to use the computer already? But you’re only 10 months old…how manage? Thanks for stopping by my blog, miss you dude 🙂

  2. Aww…now you’ve got me all emotional. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful birthday and don’t forget all the wonderful memories you’ll have from this experience. Miss you…sending you lots of bear hugs !!

  3. But on the upside, you’ll be crying into yummy Capetown cake. Mmmmmm whipped SA icing.

  4. Somehow I missed this message. Miss you loads! I will do a special shoulder shimmy shake in honor of your birthday 🙂

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