Happy Birthday Kemi!

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2011 at 1:25 am

Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing sister Kemi, I miss you dawg. *thug tears*

I dont remember
The earliest days
of my childhood
I don’t remember the warmth
of my mothers womb
or the chill of the floor
against my toes
the day my feet first found
balance in this world

I don’t remember
what it felt like
when my tongue
pushed itself
against my teeth
to imitate the words
I’d stored in the
corners of my mind
for years

I remember

my first friend

we etched our memories
into every corner of that house
with the green trimmings
our laughters
is in the wind
that blows against each window
begging to be let in again
we are in
each paint chip flaking of the tired walls
that is where we are
twin beds
in a room barely big enough
to house our imagination

On nights
where I was certain
about that ghost coming up
the stairs to get me
You would lie there
with me
turning our fears into prayers
to bring in a new day

We never left that place
you have always been
just a reach away

You know
the story behind each scar
visible or invisible

and one day
We will show our daughters
every one
trace them like braille to tell each story
they hold

We will tell them
the story of a real sisterhood
A bond that bends
but never breaks

How to have a sister
is one of life’s greatest gifts
and sometimes you are
lucky enough to call
your best friend

  1. Wow! *tears* now I wish I had a sister! Happy birthday Kemi!!

  2. Thanks dawwgg..**hugs** šŸ™‚

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