In Uncategorized on July 1, 2011 at 9:47 am

I arrived in Lagos on Sunday night.

I love this place. All the chaos, all the traffic, all the madness. It is home
I’m reconnecting with my loved ones in this time before I leave for Cape Town tomorrow and really set off on this journey. I thought it was important to start here.

I’ve been trying to convince my body into a new time zone and I’ve in turn convinced a few extra inches into my waist line with the way I’ve been putting back food. I’m full. In every way. I laugh from my heart here.

Last night I went to an open mic night at Bogobiri. I spent alot of time there when I was here at christmas. On thursday nights poets, singers, musicians meet in the small venue to share their art. It’s amazing to see how much talent is in Lagos. Chimamanda Adichie was there, of course the regulars carried on like nothing happened while the rest of us were falling over ourselves with excitement. I didn’t get a photo, maybe the belly full of small chops from a wedding I went to earlier weighed me down. I blinked, she was gone. Next time.

I should put up photos and video and all sorts of things, I will soon. I promise.

Cape Town tomorrow. I can.not.WAIT!

Hope you’re well?

Love, love, love,

  1. I know this post wasn’t necessarily intended to be poetic (at least in the conventional sense) but it is great piece of writing. I looking forward to reading your descriptions and comments about your experience in Capetown.


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