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1 month

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I’ve been away from home for exactly 1 month today.

As much as I have fallen in love with this place. I miss home. My sister’s birthday was yesterday. My nephew is about 30 seconds away from standing up and walking. There will soon be another special little person in our lives. My birthday is coming up soon and I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that i’ll be celebrating it without my family. By celebrating I mean crying into a birthday cake, alone…in my bed. I’m allowing myself this one post to feel sorry for myself. If you could see out my window right now you would slap me for being so silly…but honestly. I miss home. Okthnxbai.


Happy Birthday Kemi!

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Happy Birthday to my beautiful and amazing sister Kemi, I miss you dawg. *thug tears*

I dont remember
The earliest days
of my childhood
I don’t remember the warmth
of my mothers womb
or the chill of the floor
against my toes
the day my feet first found
balance in this world

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Today: Camps Bay in pictures

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Yesterday was a lesson in perspective.

We live in an apartment in a neighborhood called Sea Point in Cape Town. Sea Point sits between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean. It is picturesque to say the least and is regarded as one of Cape Town’s most affluent suburbs.

Sitting in an apartment with a simultaneous view of the ocean and the mountain, it is easy to think this is Cape Town. It is not.

Before 1991 or even as late as 1994, I would not have been able to be in this apartment unless I was cleaning it. Sea Point was once classified as a white’s only area under the Group Areas Act, that forced blacks to live in the less developed parts of the city, sending them further away from available work. “Post Apartheid” the neighborhood has become more multicultural.

Saturday is our community service day, which means another session with the children from the townships. We are a little more prepared this time; our rigid lesson plan is out the window for sure. It is my favorite day of the week because it puts into sharp perspective, what really matters.

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We have completed our first week of training.

It is nothing short of amazing. I know I use the word amazing a lot, but I mean it. I’m in a group with four beautiful women with stories seeping from their skin. I feel honored to be here every single day. To sit and be mentored by a woman who has literally done it all when it comes to this oral tradition and story telling. I pinch myself often to make sure I am actually here.

I’m writing everyday and reading. Reading! Books that have me nodding my head after every chapter, I’m devouring every word. The program is all encompassing. It is so much more than how to perform and how to tell stories. Not just about projecting from the diaphragm and making eye contact. This is a no nonsense approach to story telling. A methodology that begs the question “who are you really?” It is an exploration of self first. All else is smoke and mirrors. Be the poem.

The sort of classes I’m used to are the kind where you sit in neat rows and someone talks at you, permitting you to ask questions at prescribed breaks. This is different. We sit in a circle and look directly at people when they speak. This is where the true stories are. Listening to the way people name their emotions and lived experiences is such a humbling process. People have seen things.

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The Preview

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Escapetown from Titilope on Vimeo.

imovie is just one of the millions of reasons a LOVE my macbook 🙂


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My first few days here have been really eye opening.

I’m sharing an apartment with another student. I have never lived away from home before, so there is a lot of growth happening. I’m learning things about myself that I hadn’t noticed before. It’s difficult to recognize what is inherent when you are on the clock in a hamster wheel to nowhere. They say the person you become when no one is watching is who you really are. I hope so.

We have a great view from our balcony; we wake up to the sun spilling through the large windows in our living room. There’s a sense of reverence here that makes you want to sit still and honor the opportunity to start each morning with this kind of beauty.

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Day 1

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I arrived in Cape Town a few days ago.

Immediately there was a difference between the hustle and bustle of Murtala Muhammad Airport and Cape Town Airport. There’s something about Lagos that feels authentically home, this felt different, sterile almost. An airport that functions so seamlessly I could very well have been in Canada.

I was turning this over in my mind waiting for my ride from the airport, when a guy walks over to where I’m standing guarding my suitcases. He moves with the sureness of someone who knows exactly where they are going. He seems amused by my worried expression.

He says: “Need a taxi? I take you anywhere! All the way to Abuja if you want.”

He knows instinctively that I am Nigerian. I like that, so I smile. I forget that I’m not supposed to be talking to strangers. He flashes his taxi service name tag as proof, his name is Hector. He starts to show off his knowledge of Nigeria by asking me “ki lo n se le?” he calls himself “Igwe”. Suddenly that sense of “home” is back again.

A few minutes later, a lady arrives. Her name is Catherine and she will be showing us around for the first few days before the program officially begins.
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I arrived in Lagos on Sunday night.

I love this place. All the chaos, all the traffic, all the madness. It is home
I’m reconnecting with my loved ones in this time before I leave for Cape Town tomorrow and really set off on this journey. I thought it was important to start here.

I’ve been trying to convince my body into a new time zone and I’ve in turn convinced a few extra inches into my waist line with the way I’ve been putting back food. I’m full. In every way. I laugh from my heart here.

Last night I went to an open mic night at Bogobiri. I spent alot of time there when I was here at christmas. On thursday nights poets, singers, musicians meet in the small venue to share their art. It’s amazing to see how much talent is in Lagos. Chimamanda Adichie was there, of course the regulars carried on like nothing happened while the rest of us were falling over ourselves with excitement. I didn’t get a photo, maybe the belly full of small chops from a wedding I went to earlier weighed me down. I blinked, she was gone. Next time.

I should put up photos and video and all sorts of things, I will soon. I promise.

Cape Town tomorrow. I can.not.WAIT!

Hope you’re well?

Love, love, love,