Cape Town

In Cape Town on June 4, 2011 at 4:22 am

In 3 weeks I’ll be setting off on my most exciting journey to date. I’m moving to Capetown, South Africa for the summer. I started this blog to capture my experience, but this is much more than simply travelling to another country for 3 or 4 months. It truly is about living out your dreams and having the courage to just, escape.

A little background.

My name is Titilope, I’m a spoken word poet. My alter-ego, my “Clark Kent” is an Engineer. I am at heart, a story teller. In a little over 3 years performing I have had a taste of what it means to have a dream and actually see it come to life in ways you could never imagine. I’ve managed to juggle my job and my art for a few years but after a conversation with a friend about an opportunity in Cape Town, I had a radical thought. What if I actually did this. Take 3 to 4 months off work, leave behind my family and my home and just…go.

Much like any idea I’ve ever had, I became obsessed with the thought of it. The idea that I could practice my art uninterrupted, that I could travel and be my most authentic self for 3 glorious months. I had to do it. Once the decision was made, every step, every process seemed to open up to accept me. I could see the universe quite literally conspiring to make this happen for me.

So, three weeks. I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited for anything except the birth of my amazing nephew. So this is where all the awesome will go. Come with me?

love, love, love,

  1. You are gonna have a blast!!! Here’s wishing you the very best and I’m happy you are taking this trip :D.

  2. ayayaye. … 🙂 … I will be checking this regularly.

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