In Thoughts on June 4, 2011 at 12:34 pm

we are fearless

we’ll run
with scissors
stare down
a spitting cobra
play chicken
with a high speed train

we have known
our share of pain
swallowed a deeper
kind of poison
we are not afraid
to crash

We’ll walk
the eye of storm
call down lightning
and dare it
to touch us

We all have this one opportunity to write our own stories.
To live our lives in a way that is worth telling. It is the only way I want to live, full of ups and downs and right turns and wrong turns, but full. I have found, that every time I’ve put myself out there and stepped out on faith the results have multiplied. I throw myself into all of it. I accept all the heartbreaks and love, the laughter and the tears. I’m growing a heart like water; wide open, fluid and always seeking balance.


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